The most important problem we encountered in this project was about the learning/teaching/training activity (that we called workshop) that we should have developed in Turkey. It should have been our third workshop and held on November 2016.

Some weeks before our second workshop (Braila – Romania) a big terrorist attack took place in Turkey. So, several participants felt afraid of going to this country. Then, we decided to change dates between third and fourth workshops. So, we would hold the third one in Hungary and the fourth -and last- in Turkey. In this way, we hoped the situation could be safer in March 2017.
However, during the summer 2016, the situation became worse in Turkey because of the attempt of military coup that took place there.
Then, in the following Transnational meeting (Slavonski Brod – Croatia) in September 2016, most partners showed their intention about not to go to Turkey. So, it was very difficult to maintain this activity in this country and we tried to change the place. We have to face several problems about mobilities, but, according to the instructions we received from Spanish National Agency, finally we decided to develop this workshop in Spain or Italy, depending on possibilities in each country and according to our headmasters. So, Spanish and Italian partners had to check after coming back home. Finally, Italian partner accepted to host the workshop and it was held in San Marcello.

We have to emphasize the kind willingness of our Turkish partner in order to accept this difficulty and this change even though they were ready and wished to host this


Turkish school library mascot

Hi, I am Muzy , the mascot of Turkish children from YAHYALAR DURALI BEZCI PRIMARY SCHOOL I am your friend from the school library and will send all your ideas and work to your colleagues from partners countries in Erasmus+ project.